CP Survey With Mini-ROV​

We Aim To Change The Subsea Inspection Industry

A revolution in the inspection industry

Subsea inspection is a complex and expensive work normally requiring DP vessels, ROVs, months of planning and large crew of exprets to execute. Even after everything is planned, unforseen events like vessels not having finished previous assignments on time, can shift the whole operation. Our focus turned towards greener, leaner future and so, BeyonC AS was founded to chnage the industry

Traditional CP Survey

What If?

What If?

Jacket Inspection Comparison: IMR Vessel V.S Mini-ROV(CP Stab and FIGS®)

Calculation reference: IMR vessel avg. fuel consumption; 650l/hr
Surfer avg. fuel consumption; 25l/hr
CO2 calculations; 1l diessel equal 2.5 Kg CO2

JM-HD3FiGS® mini-ROV: Jacket inspection

Standard Equipment:
• FiGS® 2.0 sensors
• CP stabbers
• CTD sensor
• 8x led lights/12000 lumens, w/connectors
• JM HD CAM, low-light wide angel, camera tilt system. Manual focus
• JM AUX CAM, rear camera
• Sounder s500 Altimeter
• Realtime sonar Tritech Gemini 720im
• Rov locator Mack

Feature add-ons:
• FMD (Flood Member Detector)
• 3D slam 4K camera (Pointcloud 3D model)

FiGS® Digital Integrity Viewer

• Digital platform for clients
• Live dashboard with status reports
• Updated 3D models with analyzed data
• Detailed overview of condition
• Potential plots
• Remaining anode mass
• Life expectancy
• Recommended time to next inspection
• Life extension