Installation, Commissioning, and Maintenance of Gas Compressors

Installation, Commissioning, and Maintenance of Gas Compressors

A compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Gas compressors are of critical importance in maintaining a reliable gas transfer through pipelines.The demands on Gas compressors have been increasing because

  1. Gas turbines require higher fuel gas pressures to achieve increased performance efficiency.
  2. Pipeline pressures fluctuate due to increased overall and peak demand requirements.

It is therefore of great importance that the right type of gas compressor is chosen as that guarantees a successful plant operation.


Our objective is to provide quality solutions by outsourcing for acquiring and installing the correct type of compressors using the manufacturer’s guidelines while making sure that all critical factors are considered during the process.

We guarantee successful plant operation through our commissioning procedure that is built to make sure the desired results are achieved. We are governed by strict processes that are globally recognized in the industry.

We prioritize the satisfaction of our clientele by ensuring that every gas compressor installed and commissioned by us yield maximum output. We strive to achieve this by our innovative maintenance processes.