Training on Condition Monitoring

Training on Condition Monitoring

Are you considering a career in Condition Monitoring?

Why should you consider getting trained to become a professional in the area of Condition Monitoring?

Condition Monitoring is a major component of predictive maintenance and proven area for ensuring resources are optimized in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Some of the benefits include cost saving on secondary damage, lost availability and unneeded maintenance.


We offer an all-round the clock training in the course of Condition Monitoring with the key purpose of increasing the number of field personnel with a qualitative predictive maintenance culture.

The training program is designed to cover all key areas of condition-based maintenance within the Oil and Gas industry while highlighting its benefits and opportunities.

It’s based on ISO 17359:2011 (Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines).

Scheme of Work:

  • Recognition and definition of the benefits of Condition Based Monitoring
  • Demonstrate an understanding as to the reasons for selecting particular maintenance strategies
  • Identify the optimum maintenance strategy for different types of equipment
  • It encompasses all traits of machinery reliability and condition-based maintenance and also involves all aspects of your reliability needs.

Training is also available on Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment and many more.

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