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Zerosion Corrosion Defence


Zerosion Corrosion Defence, is a complete anti-corrosion system specifically created to protect installed bolted joints on pipelines, xmas trees, transfer lines and tanks within the oil and gas industry.
Your site assets cost a lot of money and are fundamental to operation, Zerosion Corrosion Defence is designed to protect and to maintain the integrity of the parts of your assets that are generally left to corrode – the bolted joints / nuts and bolts.
The system is designed to protect new or corroded assets, both on and offshore, to prevent decay and corrosion, to remove and arrest the oxidation process and, to protect them for the future against corrosion, with a simple remit that it:
Is easy to apply to assets that are in situ, that are new or already have signs of corrosion or are exposed to electrolytic instigated corrosion,
• Does not require heavy surface prep or blasting prior to application,
• Is suitable for ATEX 1 zones,
• Is completely inert and non-flammable when cured,
• Has a working temperature >100oC,
• Can be applied by FM contractors.

The complete anti-corrosion system is designed with the Oil and gas industry in mind and is specifically designed to be applied to:
• New assets,
• Aging assets both on and offshore, that already show signs of corrosion,
• Assets that require access or cracking of nuts, bolts, or face/surface separation,
• Areas that require coating, where “blasting” would present an issue (Ex zones),
• Areas that are susceptible to environmental and chemically instigated gasket / O-ring breakdown,
• Complex shapes like well heads, spool pieces, valve assemblies.

The problem for every onshore or offshore oil and gas company, throughout the world, is the fact that, with the utilisation of metal pipework for gas
fluid transfer lines, expensive and vital assets ARE going to corrode, therefore, upkeep and maintenance of the lines is essential.
This becomes a challenging task, especially when corrosion has taken hold, as the surface preparation requirement for tradition “paints” is an
generally an ISO prepared / blasted surface, which, as we all know is both costly and a massive headache to arrange.
Whenever paint is “cracked” for access on a joint, or paint delaminates from a line, corrosion IS GOING to occur, and, the majority of times bolted joints
are left to corrode, rot and eventually fuse or break, completely, making access a serious issue.
This is precisely the environment Zerosion Corrosion Defence was designed for, Z-FP can be applied to all of the assets on this picture, without
blasting, without expensive machinery and, by your chosen FM contractor.
Engineers undertake some work, they would simply peel off the Zerosion, conduct their work, then recoat when they are finished, ensuring that, in 10
years time, when further works are required, they have a clean, uncorroded nuts and bolts

What is Zerosion Corrosion Defence and how does it work?

Zerosion Corrosion Defence (ZCD) is a purposely designed anti-corrosion system, that we created and that we produce in the UK.
The system eliminates corrosion and oxidation on surfaces and puts a removeable barrier coating around your assets to protect them from
electrolytic instigated corrosion.
The whole point of the system is to:
• Protect and coat your assets, to stop them rotting and corroding, without the need for blasting,
• To be removeable when access is required, so you can peel it off,
• To be easy to apply after work has been carried out, to prevent them being left to rot and corrode
• To be extremely cost effective and save you a fortune in manhours and corroded equipment
• To be a fit and forget solution

Putting Zerosion Corrosion Defence into pictures.

These mild-steel tube sections were coated in 3x coats of Z-FP and left exposed in a beach side environment for 12 months. We then cut the coating and peeled it away, to reveal substrate beneath the coated section; you can clearly see the “tide marks” of where the coating stops, and see the protection provided to the cheapest of mild steel.

The examples have not been produced in a lab or an engineered environment, they were cleaned with a standard solvent degreaser, coated in the workshop and left in a secure location on the North Norfolk coast for 12 months, to ensure we demonstrate “real world” application. 

We took a used spool piece added some new mild steel bolts, wire brushed it to a clean finish, then coated half in clear Z-FP.
We left the piece in the yard for 6 months to weather and ginger up, you can clearly how the Zerosion system works, with an almost perfect tide
mark between coated and uncoated metal.
The 3rd image shows the anti-corrosion additive working on the surface of the piece, it has turned the surface corrosion blue-black as the
ingredients have got to work, eliminating the oxidation process.

Surface preparation:

The whole point of Zerosion Corrosion Defence is to remove the requirement for blasting and heavy surface preparation of bolted joints and substrate.
The system requires hand / light prep only, as the inbuild corrosion inhibitors neutralise surface corrosion.
Once the joint is hand prep’d and dirt/grime/debris is removed, the coating is hand applied, via brush/roller/airless spray

The whole point of Zerosion Corrosion Defence is allow your engineers to quickly and easily coat bolted joints and protect them for future works. Typical working would be:

Cost Benefits of Zerosion

Zerosion Corrosion Defence has one priority and was designed with one thing in mind: to reduce your costs of maintenance on your assets.

These costs are derived from:
• Equipment breakdown – if it corrodes, it will break, if it breaks, how much will it cost YOU to replace it?
• The cost of labour wasted by removing seized bolts and nuts – when access is required, those nuts and bolts have to come off, either by
grinding, oxy-cutting and what happens if the area is Ex / ATEX?
• Leaks from eroded O-rings or gaskets – losing liquid or gas costs YOU money, it is your inventory! leaks are literally money down the drain
and in fines, not to mention the environmental impact.
• From contracting “specialist” for blasters / surface prep / pipe freezing – These guys know how to charge, blasting as prep in an Ex / ATEX
environments is both dangerous and costly, who foots the bill?
• And from asset replacement – ignoring the above as peripheries, ultimately the flange is going to need replacing if you leave it, that 12” cost
how much to buy, remove, replace, test?
So taking all of the elements above into standard “maintenance” can you evaluate the cost of a corroded asset (excluding, loss of earning,
environmental impacts or fines)?

In figures (£):

Zerosion Corrosion Defence’s Z-FP costs £43.80 per litre and provides 10 years of protection against corrosion.
For “post work” coating, a 12” flange would cost ~£40 in material and would take your engineer less than an hour to apply once he/she has
completed their primary task, adding only an hour to their work day (application time would be 10 minutes, plus cure).
So, for that £60 (£40 material and £20 p/h labour) your assets are given 10 years of protection and will be ready to be removed EASILY, next
time access is required. Are ANY of the above worth the headache that a £60 coating could have prevented?
When it comes to bigger jobs, like Christmas trees, well heads, valve assemblies or lengths of pipeline, Zerosion Corrosion Defence is perfect
for a fit and forget solution to aging / corroded metalwork. The coverage rate is around 1.2m2 per litre and your / your chosen FM contractor can carry out the works themselves. 

Every twenty-minute job, is a single corroded bolt away from a three-day ordeal.

What if I told you that to stop this happening, would cost around £45 in material? Now swap the pictures over, how much would this cost to repair?
Zerosion Corrosion Defence isn’t only for bolted joints, it is also great for water towers, pit valves, underground assets and handrails or, anywhere where corrosion is active.

Specification of Z-FP:

WRAS (BS 6920) Pass, cold water
• Durometer: shore A (ASTM D -2240) 70
• Tensile: (ASTM D-638) 367psi
• Salt spray:(ASTM B-117) passed 2,000 hours
• Elongation: (ASTM D-638) >400%
• Dielectric: (ASTM D-149) 1,100 v/200µm
• U.V. Stability: 10 years
• Stone abrasion: (ASTM D-3170) excellent
• Temperature use range: -34°C to 112oC.
• Weatherability:(ASTM G -53) 10 years
• Cut resistance: (ASTM D-1044) very good
• Permeability: (ASTM E-96) .084 kgs/mm2
• Colour availability: any, including clear.
• Recommended Application Temp: 5-35oC
• Coating thickness (3 coats): ~300-400µm
• Curing time: 30 mins @ 50-100µm, 4 hours @200µm
• Application: Brush (hand) or Airless spray
• Coverage: 3 coats@100µm, 1m2
• Shelf life: 2 year at 25°C
• Chemical resistance: Acids, alkaline, pollutants is Excellent.
• Viscosity range: 80 – 100 K.U. @ 25°C (+/- 2°C)
• Solids: (wt.) 58%
• Dry Mass: .56g/kg
• Appearance: Thick coating that follows that contours of the substrate
• Carbon factor manufacture: 5ltrs = 2.41 kgCO2/m2

Z-FP is UT permeable

Zerosion Gallery

About the Company

Zerosion Managing Director (MSc, ICORR) has been working the corrosion protection industry since 2009, having been the UK GM for 2 international anti corrosion companies, prior to developing Zerosion Corrosion Defence. We developed Zerosion with Siemens for the DNO sector in 2015, they released us from our contract in 2019, to enable us to go to the wider market.


  • Oil and Gas: various pipeline, well heads and joints on shore and off shore.
  • DNO sector (power distribution networks): GIS joint environmental protection, SPL circuit breaker gasket protection. GIS SF6 leak repair. Muff coating on pylons.
  • Chemical industry: tank and vessel coating, pipeline protection. Emergency works on pipelines.
  • Water Industry: Z-FP is BS6920 / WRAs compliant, meaning it can be used in treated water environments.
  • Wind and Renewables: use on torque tested foundation bolts on wind turbines.
  • Construction: Z-FP and Z-AP are being used in the construction industry as a more cost effective and longer lasting GRP system.

Client Base (UK Operations)

  • British Steel
  • BP
  • Perenco
  • Shell
  • Spirit Energy
  • EMTS
  • Siemens
  • RWE
  • SSE
  • National Grid
  • Interterminal
  • UKPR
  • Sembcorp
  • TAQA
  • TATA
  • Denholm MacNamee
  • Stork
  • RATS
  • DRAX

Global Representation

  • UK
  • Holland
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • Africa